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Road trip: Moncton to Halifax in the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse

Last month, I had the chance to fly to Moncton, New Brunswick to go on an adventure with my friend Richard.

We started the road trip at Moncton International Airport, where we had all the new models of the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse and Equinox. Right away, Rich and I looked at the white one with the red line on the rims, needless to say, this one was one of their new model, the Chevrolet Traverse Redline. If you are familiar with Chevrolet and you are wondering what is the difference with the Redline,  it’s an aesthetic package only. This package has black rims with red accents, blacked chrome grill and the black bowtie.

2018 Chevrolet Traverse

2018 Chevrolet Traverse Redline Photo by Scarfonephoto

Sackville,  New Brunswick

The first location that we had to go to was Cranewood on Main bakery. This organic bakery coffee shop was quite special since it was in a mansion, that was previously the residence of Mount Allison University’s President. Our adventure really begun at this location where we got to meet Chevrolet’s Team, other influencers, bloggers as well as Garry Sowerby, the brain behind our road trip route! Garry Sowerby is a world record holder for long-distance driving and grew studied in New Brunswick, so it was safe to say that he planned the best for us.

Quick Fact: Mount Allison University was recognized as the top Canadian undergraduate university 18 times- a record unmatched by any other university (Maclean’s Magazine University Report).

2018 Chevrolet Traverse Redline Photo by Scarfonephoto

In front of the Cranewood on Main, Sackville, NB – Photo by Scarfonephoto


As soon as we were done eating, the Chevrolet team told us that we have to meet at our glamping site in 3 hours, and they gave us a map with different sight seeing locations for us to stop by before. We drove away from New Brunswick to cross the border and discover Nova Scotia, Canada’s Ocean Playground.

Nova Scotia , I love you!

Driving in Nova Scotia was beautiful. As we were driving during the low-tide, we couldn’t see much water but the views were amazing. We drove by the ocean and we caught the sunset at the lighthouse on Cape D’Or. Needless to say, this was the most stunning sunset I saw in my life! Listen, if you are doing a road trip in Nova Scotia, you need to stop by the Lighthouse on Cape d’Or, not only because of the beautiful view but also because of their restaurant, they serve fresh lobster at a reasonable price. After the dinner, we went back to our glamping site.

Another fact: Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world! The tides are five to ten times higher than in the rest of the world, going over 6 feet at times!

Road Trip Picture Shot from the Chevrolet Traverse

Views from the road trip during low tide

Chevrolet Traverse during the sunset

Sunset at the lighthouse on cape d’or. Photo by ScarfonePhoto

What is Glamping?

If you are currently asking yourself what is glamping, rest assured that I did not ask myself the same thing before going into this press trip. Glamping is a luxurier version of camping. For this trip, we had bigger tents, we had comfy beds and chairs. You can see by yourself in the pictures below that it is not your traditional camping.


Inside Picture of the Glamping Tent Photo by Scarfonephoto

My new friend Alison walking to her tent Photo by Scarfonephoto


Spending the night there was an experience. First of all, we were able to look at the stars and point out the different constellations with the help of a professional astronomer. The sky was beautiful and for the first time, I was able to get a shot of the stars with my Canon G7X. The sleep was not as sweet. The Chevrolet team gave us 4 covers and 2 sleeping bags and more covers for us to stay warm but being myself, I still decided to sleep in boxers and was FREEZING. During the night I would wake up and tell Rich ”I think tonight is our last night” . I really thought that I was about to die, but I survived and this was a life lesson for me. Note to self, never underestimate the cold.

Shot of the sky with my Canon G7X Mark II

Exploring Cape Chignecto

We started the day early with a nice breakfast and we were split into groups. For us, we went to hiking at Cape Chignecto Provincial Park while others went on a boat tour. Rich and I hiked for a bit but then we decided to explore the beach during his low tide where we did our own photoshoot.

Me acting as an adventurer


Going back to the Airport

After the hike, we head toward a nice restaurant that you must visit if you are in the area, the Wild Caraway Restaurant and Cafe. This restaurant had a nice view on the shore and the food was great. They serve food from ”their own backyard such as lobsters, scallops, goose-tongue greens, humanely raised pork as well as garden vegetables ”said chefs/owners Sarah Griebel and Andrew Aitkens. As we were done eating, we had to head back to the airport. The organisation had different stops for us for such as Spencer’s Island, the Five Islands Lighthouse Park and Masstown Market to finally end the trip at the Halifax International Airport. See pictures below.

Rich and I with the Chevolet Traverse in front of a lighthouse

Rich and I with the Chevolet Traverse in front of a lighthouse

View of the Shore during low tide at Five Island Lighthouse Park


As I am currently working on the vlog for this adventure, be on the look out for the version I did for Narcity Canada. This trip was an experience I won’t forget (definitely because I thought I would die of Hyperthermia overnight) but that just me being non prepared to sleep in a tent. Thank you Chevrolet and Odyssey International for this great experience, not only I loved it but I plan to go back to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick really soon. Note to self, always bring more layers when camping during autumn. While I am ending this blog with more pictures of the Chevrolet Traverse, I would like to know more about your most memorable road trip?

P.S. If you have more questions about this route, I do have extra notes about this amazing experience!


Inside shot of The Chevrolet Traverse

Inside view of the Chevrolet Traverse with Apple CarPlay Photo by Scarfonephoto


Chevrolet Traverse in front of lighthouse Photo by Scarfonephoto

Chevrolet Traverse in front of lighthouse Photo by Scarfonephoto

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