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How to Succeed on Social Media – Tips from 4 Content Creators

I created this website to share with you all the tips and tricks on how to succeed online. As a digital marketer, I like to think that I know it all but I have been doing this full time for few years now.  The questions that people often asks are How do I get more followers? How do I succeed online? How can I be Instagram Famous? I personally have my own strategies and ideas but for this article, I reached out to 4 different content creators that I admire and that I personally met to ask them a tip or two on how to succeed on social media. See what they have to say below!


Roxanne West

I met Roxanne West in Halifax and we instantly became good friends (maybe because her last name is West.. what’s up Craig!) We were both there to do a road trip from Moncton to Halifax! Roxanne is a content creator and a home renovator! She’s super dynamic and energetic, she’s a full time blogger and mommy that probably have 40 hours in her day!

When I asked her about a tip to succeed as a content creator she said that ”you need to put the time in to get results and be consistent in your posting and engaging with your audience too. Keep a professional imagery, Instagram is image based- treat it like your store front!” She has been doing it for 10 years now and her hard work paid off where she definitely have one of the coolest lifestyle.

When taking a look at Roxanne’s Instagram, you see it right away in the quality of her pictures and she engages with her audience all the time. I highly suggest to keep an eye on her because she has amazing projects coming up and who knows, maybe she will be in my vlog when I will be in Toronto next month! See more about her on her website, her Instagram on @BonjourBlissBlog and her Youtube channel !

Marcus Troy

I met Marcus Troy randomly after a Kendrick Lamar’s concert in Montreal. He was walking and I came up to him and said ”What’s Up Marcus”! I’ve been following him for a while on Instagram and he’s definitely a content creator that I enjoy seeing succeed. He was featured in Forbes Magazine as ”being one of the first tastemakers to ignite the blogging boom of the early 2000’s’‘.

When I asked him to give me a tip that could help people to succeed online, he answered ”Always have a unique point of view”.

Personally, I notice lots of people trying to replicate formulas and content that work for others instead of being unique, they become a copy-cat. By giving the tip of having an unique point of view, you become different and you bring something to the table that others don’t.

You can discover more about Marcus Troy on his website, his Podcast What a Time to be Online or his Instagram @MarcusTroy.

Joëlle Anello

I met Joëlle Anello at Le Melbourne Cafe during a breakfast meet up that my friend Jessica invited me to. When I met her, she had recently quit her day job to becoming a full-time blogger and since then, she seems to be killing it.

Last week, she was sharing some knowledge on Instagram (or maybe making a rant..) about how to succeed on IG and her tips are perfect for this article. ”To make it work on social media, post great content (at least once a day), like and comment relevantly on accounts that truly inspire you and repeat that!” 

I personally don’t post everyday but I did see  results when I was doing some daily engagement. Some people might find that hard to post everyday on Instagram but if you look at Joëlle Anello’s Instagram, not only she post everyday, all her pictures have pink in them! I personally never saw that much pink in my life before looking at Joëlle’s feed. (and her friend Sabrina as well!) You can follow Joëlle’s Adventure on her blog La Petite Noob, her Youtube Channel and her Instagram @lapetitenoob.

 Josiane Konaté

I met Josiane Konaté at le Melbourne Café as well during the breakfast meet up. As we didn’t speak much that day, I still followed her on Instagram because I am a fan of her aesthetic.

When I asked her some tips on how to succeed as a content creator and on social media she came back with 4 great tips!

  1. Be Authentic: stay true to yourself
  2. Be passionate about what you do! People will notice and relate.
  3. Be Patient: good things take time, so does succeeding on social media. Be consistent with sharing amazing content.
  4. Be there for your audience: they take the time to like and comment on your posts. Do the same, engage with them.

As some of her tips are similar to what the others have said, if there’s one thing that Josiane Konaté definitely demonstrates alot is her passion for what she does. She loves fashion so much that she recently launched her own business Maison Petite Bold, a vibrant handcrafted ethnic goods that meets minimal art. To stay update on what she’s doing, be sure to take a look at her blog Petite and Bold and her Instagram @petiteandbold.


This is the first edition of many that I plan to do, be sure to keep in mind the following tips!

  1. Be consistent and engaging
  2. Have your own point of view
  3. Post great content
  4. Be Passionate
  5. Be Patient


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