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3 Ways To Get Instagram Insights

As a Digital Marketer for over 2 years now, I usually tend to focus my B2C marketing strategies on Facebook and Instagram. However, for marketing, Instagram remains my favorite platform and in order to be successful on it, you have to be able to measure your efforts. Here’s 3 tools that I would suggest to all of you to get more insights and get analytics on your Instagram.


This website is a website that I go on once a month to be sure that I am on track. With this website, I am able to see some of the analytics that matters the most for me such as the number of engagement per posts, the number of likes, the engagement per time I posted, etc. The most important feature of this website is that it tracks your engagement over time, my goal is to keep increasing my numbers over time and I use that website just to know if I am doing good.

A Business Profile on Instagram.Com

This is important for businesses. When you look into the insight of Instagram, you have access to see the number of impressions, reach, engagement, how many people clicked on your website. I look at it everyday and it keeps me on track in order to see the engagement rate per posts. It is really important for me to keep an engagement rate (number of engagement/number of reach) over 15% for my clients so that I know that the content that is being posted is good. In addition, my goal is to get conversion such as click on directions, clicks on the number (to either call or text) and to get followers that fit my target demographic.

This website is the one I use to spy on my competition. On that website, you get a report on your followers and your following. While focuses only on Instagram accounts that you can provide a password, on Social Blade you can add a user name on their database and they will give you the report on them as well. It is a great tool to see if you have a better growth than your competition, how active they are on their Instagram. Another option that I love about social blade, they give a projection according to your growth on the amount of followers you will get in 30 days, 3 months, 6 months and more from today and also if care more about your numbers, it will tell you how long it will take you to get to 5K followers, 10K followers and more. As I may know that there’s way more other platforms out there to help you with Instagram Insight, I just want to point that these tools are the one I use the most for my business. I’ll be curious to know more about the one you use for yours.

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