Manicure and Pedicure for Men? Yay or Nay?

This summer, I had the chance to check out Mantelier. They offer an unique man experience providing hair and shave services as well as maintaining the hygienic look of their hands and feet. Located in the Old Port of Montreal, this place is definitely in my top places to go whenever I have to take care of my nails. I personally think that I will start a debate with this one but I am curious to see your position on this one. Manicure and Pedicure for men, YAY or NAY? For me, it is definitely a YAY and here’s 3 reason why!


1. Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

I can’t say that enough, the way you look and feel about yourself has a big impact on your performance and achievements. The biggest difference between doing a manicure and pedicure compared to doing it yourself is that you are letting professionals do their job and they are damn good at it. I will be honest with you, I do not have the prettiest feet. However, coming out from the nail salon, I was so proud of the work they did that I would walk in sandals!

In addition, there is nothing bad about going to the nail salon, it is not as if you are asking for a french manicure (which is when you have that extra crisp white line on the top of your nails) and if you are, SO WHAT? Personally, leaving the nail salon feels almost as good as leaving the barbershop with a fresh haircut, I feel great.


Pedicure at Mantelier

Pedicure at Mantelier

2. The Experience

Going to the nail salon is an experience that can be shared with your partner or with the ”boys”. The first time I got a manicure was with my girlfriend, we were going away to Cuba and she said that it would be nice if we get our nails done. At first, I was not sure that it was the best idea for me but I was still curious to see why ladies love going to the nail salon. As soon as I walked in, there was some relaxing music in the back, couple of massage chairs and plenty of ladies. (No lie, I believe that this place could be a great pick-up place..but I’ll never know). At first, the manicure was nothing special to be honest for me but the pedicure was heaven. Sitting on a massage chair, getting a feet massage, and just being able to close your eyes while someone is grooming you, THIS IS LIFE.


2.5 The Mantelier Experience

On the other hand (pun intended), if you want to go with the boys, you can definitely see the experience that I shared in the vlog above with the Mantelier Experience. I felt like a boss when I walked in, with the leather chairs, the music and the vibe. They offered me cognac when I walked in and sat on a nice leather chair.  To be honest, this time, having my manicure and pedicure, done by Ms. Mina, never felt so good. I totally see myself going there with my friends.

3. Your body is your business card

Honestly, women will notice if you have nice nails. Personally, I am blessed with my nails because I keep getting complimented on it whether I did them or not and fellas, believe me, women do notice.


That’s all I had to say! So after this, manicure and pedicure for men, YAY or NAY? and don’t forget to check out the vlog about the Mantelier Experience!



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