How to Network Better – F.E.E.L. Keynote

When it comes to building up your business, you have to show up and meet people. Every week, there’s plenty of opportunities and events for you to develop your business, meet new people and discuss ideas. If you want to succeed, be ready to network. Networking is a great skill to have and it is also my best marketing, I am my own brand and I believe that no one can sell myself more than me, in person. Last week, I was invited to do a keynote speech at Mcgill University for their Networking and Communications class. I decided to talk about “How To Network Better”.


Most people are afraid at networking event and I understand why: the fear of rejection, the fear of being awkward, the fear of not being good enough and more. However, there are different ways to overcome the fear of networking.

First of all, you have to go to the right networking event, an event that you are most likely to find people with common interest as you. Then, show up early. Showing up early at a networking event makes the difference. When you show up early, there’s less people and it is less intimidating to network with other people. That being said, going to networking event and not network is a waste, you should go and aim to meet one person, that’s it!


“Your energy introduces you before you even speak”!
When networking, you energy plays a big role in how people see you, if they want to talk to you and most importantly if they want to stay in touch with you.
Here’s 3 personal tips to increase your energy and attract more people to you.

1- Smile, your smile is contagious.

2- Be passionate. When you talk with passion, people can feel it and they want to know more.

3- Your posture. Stand tall and keep your head up, not only you will be able to get more eye contact with people but they will notice you and come to you.


Networking is a game, you win some and you lose some. There’s nothing much to say here other than enjoy your time and seize the moment.


Studying in Human Relations at Concordia taught me a lot on interpersonal relationship and listening is the MOST important fundamental in interpersonal communications skills. Often, people listen in order to reply without fully gasping what is being said to them. Active listening will take you a long way.

Here’s 3 ways to improve your listening

1- Face the speaker and maintain eye contact

2- Don’t interrupt

3- Stay focused by giving all your attention to the speaker.
By doing all that, you will definitely step your networking game up and people will not only notice you more, but they’ll enjoy talking to you more!

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

What about you? What are your secrets to network better?

Special thanks to Cyusa for filming and editing this keynote.

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