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Oktoberfest Experience at Bier Markt Montreal!

Hey guys, as you may know, last month I went to Europe to discover Munich, Berlin and Paris. My friends and I went there to attend Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival in the world where I probably drank more beer than I ever did in 2015, 2016 and the beginning of 2017… combined. In addition, I got to discover the German cuisine and fell in love with their dishes. I personally never came across a German restaurant in Montreal (other than Bretzel & Compagnie which is the BEST Pretzel shop in Montreal) and thought that I would need to go back to eat it again but I was wrong, it was time to re-live the Oktoberfest at the Bier Markt.

Oktoberfest at the Bier Markt Montreal!

Last week, I was invited to celebrate Oktoberfest at The Bier Markt in Montreal and I couldn’t pass on this opportunity because I really wanted to eat the pretzels, the schnitzel and the good german beer.

Oktoberfest traditional German Pretzel alongside bier-brined beef tacos and the Kartoffel Tower.

The traditional German Pretzel alongside bier-brined beef tacos and the Kartoffel Tower.

For those of you that are not familiar with Oktoberfest, it is the biggest beer festival across the world and every year, millions of people enjoy the festivities you can see more about this festival in my blog post Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival is an Eurotrip Must featuring my Youtube Video I did to cover the event!

On the other hand, The Bier Markt is a restaurant that has over 150 beers from 30 countries. With 4 locations across Canada, the Bier Markt is THE place to grab a beer with your friends. Here’s the beer menu for the location in Montreal, as well as the food menu!

I decided to dress in my lederhosen for this event since I felt it was the most suitable outfit for that night. As soon as I walked in, I was happy to hear classic german music and the waitresses were dressed in their Bavarian Dirndl. However at my press table, none of the other bloggers and influencers were dressed that way which makes me feel like I may have gone a bit too far for this event.

The Bier Markt had different german inspired dishes for us to try and I will tell you my take on some of them.

A Closer Look To The Food

Oktoberfest Kartoffel Tower

The Kartoffel Tower

The Kartoffel Tower is their take on a traditional potato pancake, known as Latkes, a popular item throughout Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. This tower is quite impressive and with an oignon ring, german sausage, potato pancake and ham. This dish is delicious and it is easy to share. It was good and I definitely loved the fact that there’s two latkes. This pancake reminds me alot of arancini but instead of being rice, it is potatos and it is as delicious!


Did you know that Germany is the country of sausages? So it was only right for The Bier Market to give us their take on the traditional meal. I may not be an expert but I believe that it took them couple of hours to make it.. but took me a minute to eat it. You guessed it right, it was good!

Waitress in her Oktoberfest Bavarian Dirndl serving the bier-brined beef tacos

Waitress in her Bavarian Dirndl serving the bier-brined beef tacos

Their Bier-brined beef tacos encompass the traditional flavours of German cuisine but in a fun, new way. These small bites were good appetizers and you should definitely try them.

That being said, The Bier Markt definitely reproduced the Oktoberfest Experience at a much lower cost than flying all over to Germany to live it. Feel free to go check them out for their Oktoberfest menu that includes 10$ Liter of beer as well as the different german inspired dishes that I mentioned before! Where should I go next? Leave a comment below!

P.S. if you are a fan of oysters, they have 1$ oysters on Thursdays!

Successful Oktoberfest event at the Bier Market with General Manager, David Bow, his friend and I, rocking the lederhosen.

The Bier Market General Manager, David Bow, his friend and I, rocking the lederhosen.



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