New Project Alert!!! Je Snack with Cyusa!

Today is a great day (well, no, 2 weeks ago was a great day), my friend Cyusa and I decided that it was time for us to team up on a french show to do something different, something that unites us… something funny. I am happy to present to you the JE SNACK show.

The goal of Je Snack is to try different snacks (obviously!) and share to the public what we think about them. The idea initially came from Cyusa, he called me and said ”Steve! I have an idea, we should do snack testing!”. I will be honest, at first, I was not sure about that idea, when it comes to snacks, I am basic: Chips and Chocolate. But then, I went to see my client Marche Via and I realized right away that they have LOTS of snacks and the place looked good so not only we can start doing our show with their products, we can film it there directly. I called Cyusa and told him to come check it out and that’s it, we have our show.

The first video was released yesterday on our new Youtube page: Je Filme. In the first video, we try different chips and we have a special guest, Danielle! Go check the video above or click here!

Enjoy and do not hesitate to tell us what we should try next in the comments below.

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