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Oktoberfest Experience at Bier Markt Montreal!

Hey guys, as you may know, last month I went to Europe to discover Munich, Berlin and Paris. My friends and I went there to attend Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival in the world where I probably drank more beer than I ever did in 2015, 2016 and the beginning of 2017… combined. In addition, I got to discover the German cuisine and fell in love with their dishes. I personally never came across a German restaurant in Montreal (other than Bretzel & Compagnie which is the BEST Pretzel shop in Montreal) and thought that I would need to go back to eat it again but I was wrong, it was time to re-live the Oktoberfest at the Bier Markt.

Oktoberfest at the Bier Markt Montreal!

Last week, I was invited to celebrate Oktoberfest at The Bier Markt in Montreal and I couldn’t pass on this opportunity because I really wanted to eat the pretzels, the schnitzel and the good german beer.

Oktoberfest traditional German Pretzel alongside bier-brined beef tacos and the Kartoffel Tower.

The traditional German Pretzel alongside bier-brined beef tacos and the Kartoffel Tower.

For those of you that are not familiar with Oktoberfest, it is the biggest beer festival across the world and every year, millions of people enjoy the festivities you can see more about this festival in my blog post Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival is an Eurotrip Must featuring my Youtube Video I did to cover the event!

On the other hand, The Bier Markt is a restaurant that has over 150 beers from 30 countries. With 4 locations across Canada, the Bier Markt is THE place to grab a beer with your friends. Here’s the beer menu for the location in Montreal, as well as the food menu!

I decided to dress in my lederhosen for this event since I felt it was the most suitable outfit for that night. As soon as I walked in, I was happy to hear classic german music and the waitresses were dressed in their Bavarian Dirndl. However at my press table, none of the other bloggers and influencers were dressed that way which makes me feel like I may have gone a bit too far for this event.

The Bier Markt had different german inspired dishes for us to try and I will tell you my take on some of them.

A Closer Look To The Food

Oktoberfest Kartoffel Tower

The Kartoffel Tower

The Kartoffel Tower is their take on a traditional potato pancake, known as Latkes, a popular item throughout Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. This tower is quite impressive and with an oignon ring, german sausage, potato pancake and ham. This dish is delicious and it is easy to share. It was good and I definitely loved the fact that there’s two latkes. This pancake reminds me alot of arancini but instead of being rice, it is potatos and it is as delicious!


Did you know that Germany is the country of sausages? So it was only right for The Bier Market to give us their take on the traditional meal. I may not be an expert but I believe that it took them couple of hours to make it.. but took me a minute to eat it. You guessed it right, it was good!

Waitress in her Oktoberfest Bavarian Dirndl serving the bier-brined beef tacos

Waitress in her Bavarian Dirndl serving the bier-brined beef tacos

Their Bier-brined beef tacos encompass the traditional flavours of German cuisine but in a fun, new way. These small bites were good appetizers and you should definitely try them.

That being said, The Bier Markt definitely reproduced the Oktoberfest Experience at a much lower cost than flying all over to Germany to live it. Feel free to go check them out for their Oktoberfest menu that includes 10$ Liter of beer as well as the different german inspired dishes that I mentioned before! Where should I go next? Leave a comment below!

P.S. if you are a fan of oysters, they have 1$ oysters on Thursdays!

Successful Oktoberfest event at the Bier Market with General Manager, David Bow, his friend and I, rocking the lederhosen.

The Bier Market General Manager, David Bow, his friend and I, rocking the lederhosen.



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Love At First Sight: Nini Meatball House

Having an office Downtown Montreal has it perks, and one of the main perk is that I can basically discover a new restaurant everyday. My friend Phil from Let There Be and I decided go for lunch and it was his call. He decided to bring me to Nini Meatball House located at 1752 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, QC H3J 1M3 and at few steps before walking in, I saw the sign that says 5$ on everything! That’s when I fell in love.

You see, eating out can get expensive! I love food and could eat 5-6 times a day and the fact that I haven’t cooked a meal since October 2016 is definitely not helping my wallet so to find a place where I can basically get any plate for 5$ got my attention right away.


As soon I walked into Nini Meatball’s House, I felt at home. It’s light and minimalist, everything is pretty much white and mostly wood furnitures. It is a cozy place and a good place to go with friends. You have the choice, you could sit at the bar, high-table of two or also by the large window that gives you the perfect lighting to take pictures for Instagram!

When it comes to what to eat there, it’s quite obvious, the meatballs! You can have Veggie Balls with Coconut and Curry Sauce, Veggie Balls Spinach Basil Pesto, Tuna and Spicy Mayo, Tex Mex Tofu Balls and Jalapeno Cream, Pork Chorizo Chimchuri Sauce, Chicken with Wild Mushroom Sauce and more! Served in 3, Phil and I decided to order 5 plates and shared. The service was fast and the presentation was simple, I mean, it is just meatballs at the end of the day!

The Verdict: It was delicious, OH MY! My expectation were not that high considering that it was only 5$ a plate but the meatballs were tasty. I don’t know if you are like me but when I love a restaurant, I make sure to share my satisfaction to the owner and this is how I met Mylene, one of the new owner of Nini Meatball House. I told her that I loved the place and definitely see myself coming back (and I was not lying, I came back 2 days later with some friends!).

Looking around, I noticed that they were names on the chair and saw that there was a chair that had no name on it, I asked Mylene if she could write my name… (bold move, I know), she said yes!  At this point I was so happy that I told her instead of putting my name she can write MTL Promos and I would promote her for free on MTL Promos! She actually wrote both names and I respect my part of the deal by promoting her on MTL Promos and even did a giveaway, see post here

Overall: This place is definitely a place that worth a visit, fast service, quality food and located downtown. There’s free parking around and doesn’t hurt the wallet AT ALL. Vegan and gluten free option for those that may ask. To see what else the menu has to offer, you can see it here on you can also visit their website.

P.S. This place carries the Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc which is a great white French beer!

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Behind The Look: Spring ’17

Behind the Look

About two weeks ago, I posted this picture on my personal instagram that my sister from another mother Jessica Prudencio took and received great feedback about the look. I decided to break down the look and describe my take on it. As well, I have linked all the links to the respective pieces online!

The Jacket: Caracara from OOKPIK $800

This jacket was the one that I had for the whole winter. It definitely passes the test of a Canadian Winter. I can ensure you that I never felt the cold this winter. Made with Polyester (43%) and Cotton (57%) this jacket is fully waterproof and has 2 layer in the front. Over 4 exterior pockets and 3 inside, I was travelling with this jacket without the need of having a bag with me. The inside pocket are made big and they can even carry a notebook (true story!). Also, this jacket came with a Natural Raccoon on the hood but this was detachable and I decided to remove it.. I am personally not used to have fur, it tickles my face!

The Jeans: 3D Dark Aged Jeans Revend Super Slim Jeans by G-Star Raw $160

Hands Down these jeans are the comfiest jeans I ever wore in my life. They are my favorite jeans and I even slept with them. This is a genuine feedback since I paid for these jeans full price! I love them so much, I went back to G-Star Raw to buy another pair, full price again.. and now I’m considering getting a third pair. What is so special about these jeans you may ask me, the inside comfort, the fact that they are stretching, they fit my legs so perfectly, I feel like they were made just for me. 98% Cotton and 2% elastane, the 3D technology that G-Star used to made these jeans add more comfort for when you wear them. The back pockets are reinforced to be sure that you don’t rip them. In addition, not only they look good in this look, the modern look that they offer goes well with a nice blazer. Below is an image I took from the G-Star Website explaining the design behind the Revend Super Slim Jean.



The Shoes: Ultra Boost Uncaged Shoes by Adidas $260

The Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged shoes should be in everyone shoe collection. (Good luck getting them, they are hard to find and most the nicest pair are sold out on the Adidas Website). They are comfortable, they look good and they are really light. (By really light I mean that both of them together weights less than 1.0 lbs) I didn’t wear them out often this winter, but since spring is coming and there’s less snow on the street I decided to take them out. Made for running.. they are perfect when you want to walk with style. The cushion in the shoe is the boost™, the ”most responsive cushioning ever: The more energy you give, the more you get” according to Adidas Website. They are flexible, the outsole (Continental™) has an extraordinary grip in wet and dry conditions and the ”STRETCHWEB” rubber outsole flexes underfoot for an energised ride. The Adidas Website does give a lot of great information about why this shoes is probably the best type of shoe to run with but between you and I, I won’t run in Montreal’s Street with an over $250 pair of shoe. Haaa! Below is an image that I took from Adidas Website.

”Colour Core Black/Dark Grey Heather Solid Grey/Footwear White (S80698)”


The Glasses: Highstreet Sunglasses by Ray-Ban $175

Probably the cherry on top for this look, the Ray Ban glasses are a must. The style of these glasses is modern and they feature a modern design that . Available in 12 different design, these glasses have a larger rounded rounded square lenses and gives the Hollywood look that I definitely want to have. The pair that I have on this picture has a red interior that shines when the sun hits it.

Thank you for reading this and please let me know what you think could be a great fit to transition this look to Spring!