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EASYFLASH: Pay A Photographer For The Photos You Love

When it comes to photography, I do enjoy taking pictures of my friends but I have to admit that it is not all of them that knows how to take pictures of me. I don’t have a go-to photographer that I use for my content, instead, I hang out with different people and decide to post online the pictures that I like the most. However, there’s one thing that most of my pictures have in common, they are candid and on the moment. I am not a good model and I want my pictures to look as authentic as it can be. Two weeks ago, I got approached by EASYFLASH, a new service that offers a free photoshoot and you only pay for the pictures that you want to keep. The pictures that came out of this photoshoot were amazing and you should give it a try.


How does EASYFLASH works?

How does it work you may ask? It is quite simple, you go on their website and you book a free photoshoot with one of their photographers; you can book one for solo, family, friends, events and more. (even boudoir, THAT’S IT). Then, they meet you, and in my situation, we met downtown and the photographer decided the different locations and help me with the pauses. Finally, they send you an email with all your pictures and you can decide the how many you want to keep and you only pay for the pictures that you want to take. The photographer that I had, Simon, was pretty friendly and you can get pictures from him between 5-7$ a photo depending on how many you decide to get! That’s really not expensive and the quality of the pictures he took for me was amazing, see below!


Picture taken by Simon from EASYFLASH


Picture Taken By Simon from Easyflash


How It Went Down

Personally, my experience was quite simple and efficient. The photographer was on time at Peel Metro and from there we walked to an alley few blocks away where we took the first shots. My mistake was that I didn’t bring alternative outfit so the only things I could showcase was my Carpe Diem Glasses, my Caracara Ookpik Jacket, my Timberland 6” Premium Waterproof Boots, my G-Star D-Staq 3D superslim jeans and a simple Calvin Klein black tee. I have to admit, we didn’t choose the best day to do this, it was REALLY COLD (-15ºC) my hands were freezing. After, we headed toward to the Sun Life building as the second location. The photographer knew exactly where he wanted to take the pictures and we finished at the Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral. The whole shoot lasted one hour!

I received my pictures 2 days later and out of the 59 pictures that I’ve received, I love 54 of them! Now it is your turn to give EasyFlash a try, head over their website and book your photographer today and let me know what you think about it!


Christmas is Coming! 5 Gifts Idea for Him!

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and I have decided to write a list of 5 great gift ideas for him! (In addition, above you can see the video I did for Snapgrab with 5 other ideas!) I feel that I am in a good position to share with you all what a men wants and if you are not sure about what I have to say, head straight to the end of this blog to see other gift guides from my favorite bloggers.

1 – Manicure and Pedicure

Yes! I am telling you, getting a manicure and pedicure for the men in your life is a must. Couple of months ago, I wrote an article and made a vlog about my experience at Mantelier. Located in the Old Port of Montreal, Mantelier offers an unique experience for men providing hair and shave services, but most importantly, hands and feet treatment.

2 – Books! (Tai Lopez was right)

You remember the old Tai Lopez commercial talking about how he got his nice cars? This year, I have some books that will be a great gift for him!

Bossing Up from my friend Samantha Kris should be on top of your list! In this book, Samantha shares how she earned her 5 promotions in 5 years. In addition, this book is a game changer helping you understand your success stoppers, boost your emotional intelligence, discovering a new way of setting and achieving goals and more! The book is available on Amazon, you can click here to order yours today.

In addition, I would like to share more books that are great gift for him such as


3 – Google Home or Alexia

Now that we probably all have smartphones, it is time to turn our house smart. Google and Amazon have great home assistant that basically help you get answers, entertains you and help you control your home with your voice. In addition, you can now have the Google Mini for 50$! This is a great gift because it is something that will help him with his time and his career!

4 – Quality Boxers and Socks!

Last month, I took over a new client that sells boxers, Mr Boxer Shop located in the Fairview Pointe Claire Mall. (Shameless Plug). It might sound weird but quality boxers are actually a great gift. Without being an expert in the field, last month I had the chance to try out different upscale brand of boxers such as Saxx, My Pakage and more and I can feel the quality and I definitely want more boxers. In addition, without getting too technical, most of these boxers are made differently from what you are used too see, having a different pocket inside to give the best comfort for his package. When it comes to socks, this is in right now in Fashion, some nice socks to complement the outfit is always a great gift.

5 – Accessories

Men love accessories such as watch and wallets. Personally, I would suggest to get him a wallet from my friend at Lajoie. This summer I did a vlog that showcases the behind the scene at Lajoie, you can see it here! Lajoie makes high-end leather accessories and every product is hand stitched from some of the highest quality leather available anywhere in the world! They recently released their new collection ”Gone By Midnight”, you can see it here.

This was my 5 gifts idea for him! Next week I will write about the 5 gift ideas for her. If you would like to get more inspiration, do not hesitate to head over different articles from my favorite bloggers.

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FML Podcast : Nalie Agustin x Steve Daniel

Two weeks ago I was in Toronto for Influence Toronto and I had the chance to be on the FML Podcast.

If you do not know the FML Podcast, it is a podcast by Freddy Lloyd and Lito Brigante where they invite different personalities to be part of the discussion and during this one, the talk was mainly about what is going on in our live.

During the interview, I discuss about MTLPromos, Swishlinks and other upcoming projects.

What I really loved during this podcast is Nalie’s Energy! Here’s some great motto that was shared during the podcast:

Embrace your health – Nalie Agustin

Chase your dreams – Nalie Agustin

Stay Authentic – Steve Daniel

That being said, head over the video above and give the FML Podcast a subscribe!


MTLGO: Discovering Montreal with National Bank Mastercard !

Last September was one of my busiest month ever. From going to the Oktoberfest in Germany, to road trip across Moncton to Halifax in addition to the multiple collaborations I did with Narcity Media (Mcdonalds and Motorola), one big event that I didn’t mention to you all yet was the day I spent with National Bank Mastercard. The day was This day full of activities was called ”MTLGO”

In the video above you will see a glimpse of the day I spent in Montreal, but in addition, I will give you details on how to be able to enjoy the same type of day in my beautiful hometown. So ladies and gents, be ready to learn more about my MTLGo experience and see how you can create your own!

A night in the city

The day started at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel downtown Montreal where my friend Cyusa and I were sharing the same room. To my surprise, as soon as I walk in the room, there’s a rack full of clothes from Simons and extra MTL GO swag. This was the best way to start the experience because we were already in the middle of the action and that made things so much easier considering that I live in the West Island of Montreal.

With the help of google or Expedia, you will find different option of place to stay in the heart of the city but I can say that the hotel that we stayed at was a great hotel and they had great service (and a really comfortable bed).


Pictures of the participants for MTLGO with National Bank Mastercard

Picture at the hotel of my friends for the day for MTLGO

Guided tour of Jean-Talon Market with Cooking lesson with Chef Antonio Park

We left the hotel early in the morning to go to the Jean-Talon Market. To be honest with you, the Jean Talon Market deserve his own blog post to explain to you why this is one of the most amazing place in Montreal, but for this post, I will keep it light. The Jean-Talon Market is one of the place that you MUST visit in Montreal. It is a farmer’s market in the little Italy that has over 150 merchants. While this sounds like a lot of merchants to visit, we had a food tour of this marche from a local tour guide that told us about the history of some merchants and made us try the different products from the merchants.

However, our tour became epic went Montreal’s very own chef Antonio Park joined us to get some fresh cheese and vegetables to cook our lunch, see pictures below!

The Jean-Talon Market is a free activity that is available to do year long. However, if you would like to experience this market the same way we did, you definitely need to contact a connoisseur of this market. For this experience, we had Spade & Palacio Tours to help us around. Now to have Antonio Park to cook for you, that I have no idea how much it is but it must be expensive (haha) but you can always contact him on his social media channel or e-mail.

Pictures of the participants for MTLGO with National Bank Mastercard

Discovering the Jean-Talon Market

Pictures of the participants for MTLGO with National Bank Mastercard

Cooking with Chef Antonio Park

Discovering Montreal by bike

After the lunch, we went to the top of the Mont-Royal Mountain where there were bicycles lined up for us. I lived in Montreal my own life and I must admit that the bike tour that we did around the city showed me Montreal from another angle. During this bike tour, we discovered the North of the Plateau, Mile-End, and more.

Discovering Montreal by bicycle also makes you love the city even more because we went to different roads that are not accessible by cars and the ride was really smooth. I felt that we were going downhill the whole time and time FLEW.

If you would like to discover Montreal the same way, do not hesitate to contact Fitz & Follwell. It was the company that organize the bike tour for us and on their website you can discover more about the different tour that they offer in the city.


Chilling on a bike!

Intimate Concert with Franklin Electric

So the day started with a private tour of the Jean-Talon Market, a cooking lesson with Chef Antonio Park then we discovered Montreal by bicycle and at this point, I was wondering how the day could be better? Well National Bank Mastercard had a nice suprise for us, we went  to this beautiful house in the Plateau where food and the band Franklin Electric was waiting for us. If you are not familiar with Franklin Electric, they are a Alt-Folk-Pop group from Montreal and they are VERY TALENTED. If you would like to know more about them, you can visit their Facebook Page here.


Enjoying a live show from Franklin Electric

Having a live show from a band always brighten up the day, if you can get Franklin Electric for your personal event, well you won’t regret it!



Discovering Montreal roots at Pointe-À-Callière Museum

After the private concert, we headed to Pointe-à-Callière Museum in the Old Port of Montreal.  This is THE museum that you need to visit in Montreal if you would like to know more about this beautiful city. Once we arrived at the Museum, we had a guided tour that helped us understand Montreal’s story and we tested our new knowledge with a treasure hunt. This activity was fun and for those of you that know me, I am a competitive person and took this challenge seriously. WE LOST. But I must admit that it was a cool activity.

The museum is open for everyone and it is a nice place to spend the evening. It also offers competitive rates for private rentals, you can go on their website to learn more here!

Cyusa and I trying to find an answer for the Treasure Hunt

Zipline and Quick Jump in Montreal’s Old Port

At this point of the day, I was not even tired, I was just happy to be experiencing this! We went to do some Zipline and Quick Jump in the old port of Montreal. I will be honest with you, I didn’t try that because I am SCARED of heights but the other seemed to have enjoy this. (In my defence, I ziplined (if that is even a verb) this summer in Mexico and this was enough for me for this year so maybe I will do it next year).

After this experience, we headed over a beauty salon where the ladies got pampered and I got a manicure and pedicure. Personally, you already know my thoughts about nails treatments, and if you don’t, read this article after!

If you want to zipline and do quick jump in Montreal, head over MTLZipline’s website to book your experience. 

Dinner at L’Auberge St-Gabriel

The day was coming to an end but it was ending on a spectacular note, and by spectacular, I mean LITERALLY SPECTACULAR. We went to Auberge St-Gabriel, this restaurant has been hosting the formula 1 event for the past 6 years. Owned by Marc Bolay, Garou, and Guy Laliberté, we were treated with contemporary circus during our meal. From athletic waiters making side flips to hostess that did ballets, I saw someone that put a fork in his nose and then was holding himself on a chair that was standing on 3 bottles… just see the photos below!

I highly suggest trying out L’Auberge St-Gabriel. It is a great restaurant in the old port of Montreal and they also have a night club inside called Velvet. See more details here.



So here’s how you can create your own Priceless Experience in Montreal. Let me know what you think of it!

P.S. I would like to give a huge shoutout to the team of Momentum for organizing and coordinating this awesome day! 


7 Features That Got Me Falling in Love with the 2018 Cadillac CT6

The 2018 Cadillac CT6 is a prestige sedan that is secure, comfortable and powerful! Last week, I had the chance to do more than just test drive this brand new Twin Turbo 3.0, I was able to spend a week with it and integrate it into my lifestyle. While this blog post is not about the 404 hp twin-turbocharged 3.0 V6 specs that makes this car one of the fastest car from Cadillac, this article is about my 7 favourite features from the CT6 that makes it one of the most secure on the market as well as one of the most advanced when it comes to technology.
(Please note that the order has no importance)

1. Camera

The 2018 Cadillac CT6 has seven exterior cameras that are a great assets when it comes to parking and night vision. This car also has the rear camera mirror, when turned on, your rear view mirrors streams HD video of what lies behind you. This less obstructed view offers significantly more vision than a traditional mirror.

2. Self-Parking

While the 2018 Cadillac CT6 is longer than the usual berline, this car is not the easiest car to park. As mentioned previously, the 7 camera around the car does help when you are doing a back-up parking but when it comes to parallel parking, I didn’t pass that test at all, failing 5 time out of 8 (sigh… I know!) and that’s when the self parking came handy!
In addition, the self parking is easy to use, while you drive next to your desired parking spots, you decide the side that you want and if you want to do a back-up parking or parallel. The car finds the parking and all you have to worry about is to put the car on Drive & Parking and brake if you feel like you need to.
However, I have to admit that sometimes the car didn’t find the open parking , I had to drive back around to have the car find it.

3. SuperCruise Control

The new 2018 Cadillac CT6 has THE feature from the future and it is the Super Cruise feature! This feature is different from what is currently available on the market, in fact, you don’t have to keep a hand on the wheel or retake control of the car after a few seconds. Super Cruise takes over the car and make drives itself on highways for hours without driver intervention. I am still not used to it but this is great!
Here’s more information about the Super Cruise!

4. Media Environment

I am a big fan of music and the quality of the sound is important to me. The 2018 Cadillac CT6 is equipped with 34-speaker Bose Panaray sound system. The car also has rear seat entertainment system, including: 9″ screen player (Blu-Ray capable) with remote control; two 2-channel, wireless, infrared headphones; Aux on rear of centre console; sound compression; CD-R and CD-R/W; LED backlighting display; MP3!


2018 Cadillac CT6

Photo of the inside, 2018 Cadillac CT6.

5. Massage

The car has massage chair! Do I need to say more? The driver sest, the passenger seat and the 2 seats in the back can have a massage during the ride! ( As well as seat warmer)

6. Apple Car Play (as well as Android Auto)

CarPlay is iOS for your dashboard. This feature mirrors your Iphone and you can answer your text message by voice, use SIRI and use other most popular iPhone functions!
OnStar System

Only available for General Motors cars, I was first initiated to Onstar System when I did the RoadTrip with Chevrolet. From having a 4G hotspot in the car to be able to use it for navigation, OnStar makes the car “smarter” and it becomes more like an assistant. It is SIRI for your car.


2018 Cadillac CT6

Photo from Cadillac Website 2018 Cadillac CT6.


7. Night Vision

While I had the 2018 Cadillac CT6 for a week, I had it during Halloween Night! Halloween night could be a nightmare for a driver because of the number of kids walking around and crossing the streets, you definitely don’t want an accident to happen. Night vision works only at night and detects when there’s a pedestrian in front of you! The car alert also makes the driver seat vibrates when there’s a pedestrian walking around your driving lane.

I will be honest, I didn’t wanted to give the car back! For a little prince like me, this car had pretty much all I needed! Cadillac didn’t mess around with this one and for more information about it, head over their website!

P.S. See the vlog above to see more about this car!

Eat Lifestyle

Prosecco e Pizza – La différence est dans le goût

Il y a une semaine, j’ai été invité par VROY Communications à l’événement Prosecco e Pizza. Cet événement était une soirée avec beaucoup de Prosecco ainsi que de Pizza comme vous pouvez le voir dans mon vlog ci-haut.

Qu’est ce le Prosecco DOC?

Avant de commencer à vous parler de ma soirée au restaurant Fiorellino, je tiens à m’assurer que nous sommes tous sur la même page. Le prosecco est un vin blanc effervescent italien principalement issu de la transformation du cépage Glera, produit dans cinq provinces de Vénétie et quatre provinces de Frioul-Vénétie julienne. (Wikipedia)

À propos de l’événement Prosecco e Pizza

L’événement Prosecco e Pizza a été organisé par la Chambre de commerce
italienne au Canada pour le Consorzio di tutela della denominazione di origine
controllata Prosecco et la campagne promotionnelle « La différence est dans le
goût ».  Le but ultime de cette soirée était de servir aux invités de la nourriture authentique d’Italie pour sensibiliser les consommateurs à apprécier ceux-ci! Durant la soirée, j’ai eu droit à plusieurs variétés de Prosecco DOC et de pizzas. En effet, l’auteur, chroniqueur et conférencier, Guénaël Revel nous révèle que le Prosecco et la pizza font la paire car « L’acidité de la sauce tomates encourage des accords qui attisent le fruité du vin. L’onctuosité du fromage à pizza permet une belle union avec la texture et la densité d’un Prosecco. Aussi, le Prosecco étant un vin blanc, donc tirant davantage vers la minéralité, les ingrédients utilisés pour garnir les pizzas favorisent de belles harmonies ».

Jusqu’à ce jour, je n’ai jamais rencontré une personne qui n’aimait pas la pizza. En fait, c’est probablement le mets le plus consommé au monde. Durant la soirée, tous les invités ont eu droit à de la pizza composée de produits italiens et d’un sceau de qualité découlant d’un savoir-faire ancestral unique.

Cette soirée fût une occasion pour célébrer le fait que tout les produits authentique d’Italie sont tous disponibles au Québec, que ce soit dans des commerces spécialisés ou en grandes surfaces. Il s’agit d’être attentif, de s’informer ou de repérer les étiquettes portant le sceau « DOP »!


Tout cela pour vous dire que ”La différence est dans le goût”!


Manicure and Pedicure for Men? Yay or Nay?

This summer, I had the chance to check out Mantelier. They offer an unique man experience providing hair and shave services as well as maintaining the hygienic look of their hands and feet. Located in the Old Port of Montreal, this place is definitely in my top places to go whenever I have to take care of my nails. I personally think that I will start a debate with this one but I am curious to see your position on this one. Manicure and Pedicure for men, YAY or NAY? For me, it is definitely a YAY and here’s 3 reason why!


1. Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

I can’t say that enough, the way you look and feel about yourself has a big impact on your performance and achievements. The biggest difference between doing a manicure and pedicure compared to doing it yourself is that you are letting professionals do their job and they are damn good at it. I will be honest with you, I do not have the prettiest feet. However, coming out from the nail salon, I was so proud of the work they did that I would walk in sandals!

In addition, there is nothing bad about going to the nail salon, it is not as if you are asking for a french manicure (which is when you have that extra crisp white line on the top of your nails) and if you are, SO WHAT? Personally, leaving the nail salon feels almost as good as leaving the barbershop with a fresh haircut, I feel great.


Pedicure at Mantelier

Pedicure at Mantelier

2. The Experience

Going to the nail salon is an experience that can be shared with your partner or with the ”boys”. The first time I got a manicure was with my girlfriend, we were going away to Cuba and she said that it would be nice if we get our nails done. At first, I was not sure that it was the best idea for me but I was still curious to see why ladies love going to the nail salon. As soon as I walked in, there was some relaxing music in the back, couple of massage chairs and plenty of ladies. (No lie, I believe that this place could be a great pick-up place..but I’ll never know). At first, the manicure was nothing special to be honest for me but the pedicure was heaven. Sitting on a massage chair, getting a feet massage, and just being able to close your eyes while someone is grooming you, THIS IS LIFE.


2.5 The Mantelier Experience

On the other hand (pun intended), if you want to go with the boys, you can definitely see the experience that I shared in the vlog above with the Mantelier Experience. I felt like a boss when I walked in, with the leather chairs, the music and the vibe. They offered me cognac when I walked in and sat on a nice leather chair.  To be honest, this time, having my manicure and pedicure, done by Ms. Mina, never felt so good. I totally see myself going there with my friends.

3. Your body is your business card

Honestly, women will notice if you have nice nails. Personally, I am blessed with my nails because I keep getting complimented on it whether I did them or not and fellas, believe me, women do notice.


That’s all I had to say! So after this, manicure and pedicure for men, YAY or NAY? and don’t forget to check out the vlog about the Mantelier Experience!




3 Reasons Why I Fell in Love With Car2Go

Living in the suburb of Montreal has its perks, less traffic, no trouble finding parking and not paying for it is a major plus. However, since most of my clients and business contacts are in the city, I had to get an office downtown and needless to say, I travel a lot. I usually use my personal car but for the past 4 days, I had the chance to try Car2Go in Montreal. I was so please with the service that I decided to do a promotional video (peep the vlog and the commercial above)!

What is Car2Go ?

Car2Go is a car rental company that . All you need is the app, and from there you find a car, reserve it, take it from point A and then drop it to point B. No need to worry about the gas and the kilometer that you drive!

I remember when Car2Go launched their service in Montreal in October 2013. At the time, I was studying at Concordia University and I would see their Smart cars everywhere. Since then, they increased their fleet up to 450 cars and recently celebrated the 50,000 users mark in July 2017.

Car2Go recently announced that they are adding new cars to their service in Montreal : the 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA and GLA. I was excited to try this sexy car and definitely wondered if I would like it more than the Chevrolet Traverse 2018 that I recently had to do a road trip in the East of Canada.

After trying the service for 4 days, I wanted to share with you the top 3 reasons why I fell in love with Car2Go.

1. The Cars

Car2Go offers 2 different models of cars. They have the Smart fortwo and the 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA and the GLA! I had the all black Mercedes 2018 (with leather seats, my favorite!)  and, my favorite function was the Apple Car Play that I discovered in the Chevrolet Traverse. This function enables you to have your phone mirrored on your car media screen. Super easy to use and it reads your text messages to be sure that you do not text on the roads. In addition, the Mercedes had a panoramic sunroof that was a great plus when driving downtown and looking up at the skyscrapers.

Car2Go Mercedes-Benz CLA

The Car2Go 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA


2. Availabilities

Although I had the Mercedes CLA with me for the whole weekend, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of

available cars around the city. When you are looking for a car, you simply open the app and the map will tell you where you can find a car. If it seems far, you can reserve it and make sure that no ones take it while you are on your way to go get it. I was surprised to discover that they have over 500 cars in their fleet now! (100 of them are the Mercedes!)

Screenshot of the Car2Go App.

With the CLA Benz from Car2Go in Square St-Louis, Montreal

Showing off the Car2Go in front of Saint-Louis Square

3. Parking in Montreal

Montreal’s parking is ANNOYING. First, the parking signs are confusing, then you have to find an available parking spot (which may take up to 40 minutes to find one, true story) or you surrender and end up parking your car at a designed parking lot that cost between 15$-30$.

Car2Go solved that problem for their users by allowing them to park anywhere in the Mont-Royal Area, Mile-End and more. (Except Downtown Montreal but they are working on it.) By using the Car2Go app, I was able to find where to park my car and it would let me know if there are available spots at the selected location.


That being said, I would also like to point out some extra facts!

  • Car2Go comes up cheaper than taking the Taxi when you want to do quick errands downtown with their service starting at 0.32$/min.
  • You don’t need to refuel a vehicle when you are done with it. If you do, you can email your receipt with additional informations about your rental to Car2Go. Once they confirm the refuel, they will reimburse you with drive time minutes to use towards a future car2go trip!
  • Promo Code BENZ will give you a free registration and 10$ Credit (taxes and fees apply)
  • Car2Go are available in other Canadian cities such as Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver. They are also available in Germany, China, Italy, Spain and Netherlands!

Have a good one and leave some love below!

P.S. For more information, click here to go on their website.

Car2Go Parking Downtown Montreal

Car2GO Parking at a hotel downtown Montreal

Lifestyle Travel

Road trip: Moncton to Halifax in the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse

Last month, I had the chance to fly to Moncton, New Brunswick to go on an adventure with my friend Richard.

We started the road trip at Moncton International Airport, where we had all the new models of the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse and Equinox. Right away, Rich and I looked at the white one with the red line on the rims, needless to say, this one was one of their new model, the Chevrolet Traverse Redline. If you are familiar with Chevrolet and you are wondering what is the difference with the Redline,  it’s an aesthetic package only. This package has black rims with red accents, blacked chrome grill and the black bowtie.

2018 Chevrolet Traverse

2018 Chevrolet Traverse Redline Photo by Scarfonephoto

Sackville,  New Brunswick

The first location that we had to go to was Cranewood on Main bakery. This organic bakery coffee shop was quite special since it was in a mansion, that was previously the residence of Mount Allison University’s President. Our adventure really begun at this location where we got to meet Chevrolet’s Team, other influencers, bloggers as well as Garry Sowerby, the brain behind our road trip route! Garry Sowerby is a world record holder for long-distance driving and grew studied in New Brunswick, so it was safe to say that he planned the best for us.

Quick Fact: Mount Allison University was recognized as the top Canadian undergraduate university 18 times- a record unmatched by any other university (Maclean’s Magazine University Report).

2018 Chevrolet Traverse Redline Photo by Scarfonephoto

In front of the Cranewood on Main, Sackville, NB – Photo by Scarfonephoto


As soon as we were done eating, the Chevrolet team told us that we have to meet at our glamping site in 3 hours, and they gave us a map with different sight seeing locations for us to stop by before. We drove away from New Brunswick to cross the border and discover Nova Scotia, Canada’s Ocean Playground.

Nova Scotia , I love you!

Driving in Nova Scotia was beautiful. As we were driving during the low-tide, we couldn’t see much water but the views were amazing. We drove by the ocean and we caught the sunset at the lighthouse on Cape D’Or. Needless to say, this was the most stunning sunset I saw in my life! Listen, if you are doing a road trip in Nova Scotia, you need to stop by the Lighthouse on Cape d’Or, not only because of the beautiful view but also because of their restaurant, they serve fresh lobster at a reasonable price. After the dinner, we went back to our glamping site.

Another fact: Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world! The tides are five to ten times higher than in the rest of the world, going over 6 feet at times!

Road Trip Picture Shot from the Chevrolet Traverse

Views from the road trip during low tide

Chevrolet Traverse during the sunset

Sunset at the lighthouse on cape d’or. Photo by ScarfonePhoto

What is Glamping?

If you are currently asking yourself what is glamping, rest assured that I did not ask myself the same thing before going into this press trip. Glamping is a luxurier version of camping. For this trip, we had bigger tents, we had comfy beds and chairs. You can see by yourself in the pictures below that it is not your traditional camping.


Inside Picture of the Glamping Tent Photo by Scarfonephoto

My new friend Alison walking to her tent Photo by Scarfonephoto


Spending the night there was an experience. First of all, we were able to look at the stars and point out the different constellations with the help of a professional astronomer. The sky was beautiful and for the first time, I was able to get a shot of the stars with my Canon G7X. The sleep was not as sweet. The Chevrolet team gave us 4 covers and 2 sleeping bags and more covers for us to stay warm but being myself, I still decided to sleep in boxers and was FREEZING. During the night I would wake up and tell Rich ”I think tonight is our last night” . I really thought that I was about to die, but I survived and this was a life lesson for me. Note to self, never underestimate the cold.

Shot of the sky with my Canon G7X Mark II

Exploring Cape Chignecto

We started the day early with a nice breakfast and we were split into groups. For us, we went to hiking at Cape Chignecto Provincial Park while others went on a boat tour. Rich and I hiked for a bit but then we decided to explore the beach during his low tide where we did our own photoshoot.

Me acting as an adventurer


Going back to the Airport

After the hike, we head toward a nice restaurant that you must visit if you are in the area, the Wild Caraway Restaurant and Cafe. This restaurant had a nice view on the shore and the food was great. They serve food from ”their own backyard such as lobsters, scallops, goose-tongue greens, humanely raised pork as well as garden vegetables ”said chefs/owners Sarah Griebel and Andrew Aitkens. As we were done eating, we had to head back to the airport. The organisation had different stops for us for such as Spencer’s Island, the Five Islands Lighthouse Park and Masstown Market to finally end the trip at the Halifax International Airport. See pictures below.

Rich and I with the Chevolet Traverse in front of a lighthouse

Rich and I with the Chevolet Traverse in front of a lighthouse

View of the Shore during low tide at Five Island Lighthouse Park


As I am currently working on the vlog for this adventure, be on the look out for the version I did for Narcity Canada. This trip was an experience I won’t forget (definitely because I thought I would die of Hyperthermia overnight) but that just me being non prepared to sleep in a tent. Thank you Chevrolet and Odyssey International for this great experience, not only I loved it but I plan to go back to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick really soon. Note to self, always bring more layers when camping during autumn. While I am ending this blog with more pictures of the Chevrolet Traverse, I would like to know more about your most memorable road trip?

P.S. If you have more questions about this route, I do have extra notes about this amazing experience!


Inside shot of The Chevrolet Traverse

Inside view of the Chevrolet Traverse with Apple CarPlay Photo by Scarfonephoto


Chevrolet Traverse in front of lighthouse Photo by Scarfonephoto

Chevrolet Traverse in front of lighthouse Photo by Scarfonephoto

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Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival is an Eurotrip Must

Let’s be honest, we all have ”Eurotrip” part of our bucket list! I was able to scratch that one off last September when my friends and I went 8 days to Europe. We started our trip in Paris, France, to catch the train to go to Munich, Germany where I can proudly say that I survived Oktoberfest 2017 to head over Munich, Germany for a couple of days. Now, I understand that your first question is:

Why is Oktoberfest in September?

Oktoberfest was initially during October. The first edition was held in 1810 in honor of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. At that time the festivities only lasted one week, from October 12, 1810 to October 17. Now it is all different, this year (2017) Oktoberfest was from September 16th to October 3rd. Oktoberfest starts in September because of the weather, you can enjoy it more without feeling too cold and they kept the tradition of having the last Oktoberfest weekend in October.

But Why Should I Include Oktoberfest in My Eurotrip?

It is not only about Oktoberfest, but it has to do with Munich.. (and Berlin) ! From the amazing landscapes to the different bars, Munich is a city that won’t hurt your wallet. In average, I was able to get a good meal and a beer for less than 6€ every time.

This festival is super safe and all you see is happy drunk people, fun right! During that time, the whole city releases good energy, from gentlemen in their lederhosen and ladies in their dirndl, everyone just want to grab a beer and have fun.

Ready or not, PROST!

Prost means cheers! Going to Oktoberfest will definitely change the relation you have with beers. Beer is an important part of the German culture and you can taste it right away. Unlike beer from all over the world, in Germany, the beer only has water, hops and malt as ingredients! Personally, I do not drink beer; I rather drink hard liquor. I was going there knowing that I won’t drink as much as my friend but I was really surprised to drink one liter of beer, one after the other, to eventually drink 5 liter in ONE DAY!

5 Quick Tips

  1. Show up early if you want to be seated in the tent of your choice. See the list of tent here
  2. When you order water, ask for tap water or else, you will get sparkling water for 5€
  3. Bring cash, breakfast sandwichs are 5-10€ and meals such as Schnitzel and Chicken are between 15-28€
  4. If you have a limited budget, go on Tuesdays, it is their Family day with discount on rides and food vendors.
  5. Do not get on your table to chug your beer if you are not 100% sure that you can chug it all… I don’t want you to get booed (and get food thrown at you)!

Now you understand why you should include Oktoberfest in your next Eurotrip. However, if you still want to live the experience without going to Germany, here’s some alternative place that you will get to live the Oktoberfest experience.

  • Blumenau, Brazil.
  • Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada.
  • Cincinnati, USA.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Okinawa, Japan.
  • La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA.

P.S. You can live the Oktoberfest Experience in Montreal for a limited time at Bier Markt. See more here!

*please note that I don’t have picture of my Oktoberfest experience, I only recorded videos and you can see more about it in the Youtube video above.