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The Art of Setting S.M.A.R.T. Resolutions

New year is around the corner and this is the time to set up a fresh start. While I am not too big on New Year resolutions, I am more of a goal setter and I want to share an ideology I’ve been using personally. When I was in Unversity (or maybe Cegep) I learnt about the concept of S.M.A.R.T. goal and I think this is the best way for all of us to dictate our New Year resolutions.

That being said, what is S.M.A.R.T. goals? S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym to help you remember how to set a goal for yourself. (I am personally a big fan of acronym when it comes to remember key concepts such as F.E.A.R. when it comes to networking! ) In fact, S.M.A.R.T. stands for : Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. In this article, I will share with you how to set better goals that will be clear and reachable for you.


The first thing to consider when you want to set a goal or resolution, it has to be. The more specific your goal is, the more realistic and the easier it will be for you to focus on it. You can ask yourself questions such as what exactly you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it and know your WHY! While knowing your why can be an article by itself, knowing your WHY when you set your resolution will help you stay motivated.


A good resolution has to be measurable. Don’t just say that ”this year I want to lose weight”; you should rather say ” this year I want to lose 15 pounds” per example. When your goal is measurable, it is trackable and there is also an end-point to it.


Is your resolution achievable? Are you staying in your lane? You should always be able to visualize you reaching your goal and completing your resolution but do not lie to yourself, is your goal achievable at the end of the day. I suggest setting goal that you have all the control over it such as ” I will save 50$ every week” versus ”I will get a promotion that will give me 50$ every week for me to save”. In the second example, your ”faith” depends on someone else and this is not motivating.


Is your resolution important for you? Don’t set a resolution because it is trendy, set something that goes in line with your WHY. When asking yourself if your goal is relevant, you should be able to know if your goal will help you, are you able to make it happen and most importantly, does it make sense for you to put your focus on it. If you are able to answer yes to all these questions, you are definitely on your way to set a S.M.A.R.T. resolution!


How long are you giving yourself? I remember giving myself a year when I would set up New Year resolutions. I will be honest with you, I was not always successful at them. In fact, I would fail them miserably. I started seeing success in my New Year resolutions when I started breaking down my goal in a shorter time such as 1 month resolution, 3 months resolution and so on.

Now that you know how to set a S.M.A.R.T. resolution, I am curious to know, what are your resolutions for 2018? Stay on the lookout because on January 1st, I will share with you my 10 S.M.A.R.T. resolutions.


3 Ways To Master Your 15 Seconds Pitch

Last week, I had the chance to go to Web Summit in Lisbon (thanks to Swishlinks) to meet and network with tons of like-minded individuals, and by tons, I mean, I personally talked with over 400 people in 3 days. For those of you that don’t know what is Web Summit, it is the largest tech conference in the world and welcomes over 60,000 guests! While I was actively looking to meet new entrepreneurs, I realized that most of them didn’t master the art of the elevator pitch also known as the 15 seconds pitch.

Last month, I wrote an article about how to network better, well this time, I want to write about how to pitch your idea better. Picture this, you are at a conference with over 60 000 people and you will talk to a lot of people, you have to be able to sell yourself within 15 seconds if you want people to keep listening to you and be interested about what you have to say. I personally believe that this is all you need if you want to create interest and get more time to open on your idea.

Here’s 3 ways to craft the best 15 seconds pitch!

Easy to Understand & To Remember

This is the essential when it comes to crafting your 15 seconds pitch. Be careful with your choice of words and be sure that people can relate with what you do. Right away, your goal is that people understand what you do and they can say it to another person after. During Web Summit, we kept Swishlinks’ pitch really simple and easy to remember: Swishlinks is the Instagram Version of Linkedin! Individuals can showcase their professional journey with texts, videos, links and pictures! Right away, people can relate to what you have to say and they understand your business better.

Format It

While you make sure that people understand & remember what you do, it is important to optimize your pitch with the format. You want people to understand who you are, what you do and who you are looking for, that’s it! During Web Summit, I met different entrepreneurs that had great ways to talk about their businesses but it took them 15 minutes to describe it. I strongly suggest that you format your pitch because you might need to repeat it 400 times like I did last week but also, you don’t want to spend too much energy on explaining yourself because some people might not even care! On a personal note, I should expand on energy management because many people underestimate this aspect and last year, I was exhausted after Web Summit and I didn’t even talk to half as much!


Tailor It

There’s not one perfect pitch, while you need to make sure that your 15 seconds pitch is easy to understand and formatted the right way, you want to be sure that you are telling the right thing to the right person. Your pitch will be different when you talk to a possible customer, business partner, investor and just a curious person. Be sure that you can master your different pitch and use them at the right time.

This blog post is a sugar coated rant on people that don’t prepare themselves when they KNOW that they will need to pitch their product. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all love, but I just had to share my thoughts about it!


#ImInTO ! Are you? Influence Toronto is Canada’s Most Influential Conference

Last may, I went to Influence Montreal, the first conference made by Influence Orbis featuring keynote speakers Gary Vaynerchuk, Danièle Henkel and Nicolas Duvernois. See my daily vlog for that day above. (where I also met Gary V!)

Now, in less than 10 days, I am excited to go to Influence Toronto, the second conference organized by Influence Orbis and they have an amazing lineup of speakers that will inspire you. Here’s a closer look at the keynote speakers for this event.

Casey Neistat – Youtube Personality

Having Casey Neistat at Influence Toronto will be amazing. I have been a subscriber to his Youtube channel for a while now and had the chance to see him at Buffer Festival this past September. I personally hope that his keynote will be similar to what he said at Buffer Festival, helping people to understand his journey and the different struggles he had to go through in order to be where he is today. His keynote was inspiring and motivated me to create better content and to not be afraid of trying different things when it comes to content creation.

One of my favorite videos from him is the video he did for Nike,  “Make It Count”. It was  written & directed by Casey himself. The video starts with the text “Nike asked me to make a movie about what it means to #makeitcount. Instead of making their movie I spent the entire budget traveling around the world with my friend Max. We’d keep going until the money ran out. It took 10 days.” You can see the video by clicking here.

In addition, Influence Toronto also offers a Meet & Greet with Casey, something that I was not able to get at Buffer Festival unfortunately.

Grant Cardone – Best Selling Author

This is the first time Grant Cardone is coming to Toronto in almost 10 years! I am personally a fan of Grant Cardone because he is a true Go-Getter and Hustler. This summer, I decided to take a listen to the audiobook of his bestselling book the 10x Rule.

Are you familiar with the 10x rule? To give you a quick resume, the 10x Rule suggests that you should set targets for yourself that are 10X greater than what you believe you can achieve and that you should take actions that are 10X greater than what you believe are necessary to achieve your goals. 

While Grant Cardone will be at Influence Toronto to give a speech that will inspire you, you also have the possibility to go for breakfast with him.

Charlamagne Tha God – Radio Presenter

It is safe to say that Charlamagne Tha God is one of the most influential radio presenter. You probably know him because of the many interviews that he did for Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 , such as the one with Birdman that asked to ”Put Some Respekk on His Name” or calling out different public figures as Donkey of the Day and more. Personally, I was never a follower of Charlamagne but knew enough about him that it was a must for me to listen to his audiobook Black Privilege : Opportunities comes to those who create it. This is one of the best audiobook that I have listened to and Charlamagne has an inspiring story to share.

Known to not be shy to express his opinions, I am looking forward to his Keynote at Influence Toronto. To have him in Toronto is quite special because I can’t personally remember when was the last time he was in the Six!

Angel Rich , CEO of the Wealth Factory

I personally didn’t know much about Angel Rich, I decided to do some research on her and I was quite impressed. Forbes named her the next Steve Jobs! Angel Rich wants to revolutionize financial literacy education and level the playing field between those who have money and those who don’t. Her company, Wealth Factory, is a ‘fintech’ company that designs educational technology games, to enhance financial literacy and workforce development. She will definitely bring some great knowledge and inspire us at Influence Toronto.

This sums up the 4 keynote speakers that will be present at Influence Toronto on November 21st. While I am quite excited to go to this event, I am currently running a contest to win a pair of free tickets on the instagram page of MTLPromos. In addition, it is not too late to get involved with this event, you can contact Influence Orbis on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Interested of attending this event, you can buy your tickets here and use the promo code IMINTO to save 20%!

Grind Social Media

How to Succeed on Social Media – Tips from 4 Content Creators

I created this website to share with you all the tips and tricks on how to succeed online. As a digital marketer, I like to think that I know it all but I have been doing this full time for few years now.  The questions that people often asks are How do I get more followers? How do I succeed online? How can I be Instagram Famous? I personally have my own strategies and ideas but for this article, I reached out to 4 different content creators that I admire and that I personally met to ask them a tip or two on how to succeed on social media. See what they have to say below!


Roxanne West

I met Roxanne West in Halifax and we instantly became good friends (maybe because her last name is West.. what’s up Craig!) We were both there to do a road trip from Moncton to Halifax! Roxanne is a content creator and a home renovator! She’s super dynamic and energetic, she’s a full time blogger and mommy that probably have 40 hours in her day!

When I asked her about a tip to succeed as a content creator she said that ”you need to put the time in to get results and be consistent in your posting and engaging with your audience too. Keep a professional imagery, Instagram is image based- treat it like your store front!” She has been doing it for 10 years now and her hard work paid off where she definitely have one of the coolest lifestyle.

When taking a look at Roxanne’s Instagram, you see it right away in the quality of her pictures and she engages with her audience all the time. I highly suggest to keep an eye on her because she has amazing projects coming up and who knows, maybe she will be in my vlog when I will be in Toronto next month! See more about her on her website, her Instagram on @BonjourBlissBlog and her Youtube channel !

Marcus Troy

I met Marcus Troy randomly after a Kendrick Lamar’s concert in Montreal. He was walking and I came up to him and said ”What’s Up Marcus”! I’ve been following him for a while on Instagram and he’s definitely a content creator that I enjoy seeing succeed. He was featured in Forbes Magazine as ”being one of the first tastemakers to ignite the blogging boom of the early 2000’s’‘.

When I asked him to give me a tip that could help people to succeed online, he answered ”Always have a unique point of view”.

Personally, I notice lots of people trying to replicate formulas and content that work for others instead of being unique, they become a copy-cat. By giving the tip of having an unique point of view, you become different and you bring something to the table that others don’t.

You can discover more about Marcus Troy on his website, his Podcast What a Time to be Online or his Instagram @MarcusTroy.

Joëlle Anello

I met Joëlle Anello at Le Melbourne Cafe during a breakfast meet up that my friend Jessica invited me to. When I met her, she had recently quit her day job to becoming a full-time blogger and since then, she seems to be killing it.

Last week, she was sharing some knowledge on Instagram (or maybe making a rant..) about how to succeed on IG and her tips are perfect for this article. ”To make it work on social media, post great content (at least once a day), like and comment relevantly on accounts that truly inspire you and repeat that!” 

I personally don’t post everyday but I did see  results when I was doing some daily engagement. Some people might find that hard to post everyday on Instagram but if you look at Joëlle Anello’s Instagram, not only she post everyday, all her pictures have pink in them! I personally never saw that much pink in my life before looking at Joëlle’s feed. (and her friend Sabrina as well!) You can follow Joëlle’s Adventure on her blog La Petite Noob, her Youtube Channel and her Instagram @lapetitenoob.

 Josiane Konaté

I met Josiane Konaté at le Melbourne Café as well during the breakfast meet up. As we didn’t speak much that day, I still followed her on Instagram because I am a fan of her aesthetic.

When I asked her some tips on how to succeed as a content creator and on social media she came back with 4 great tips!

  1. Be Authentic: stay true to yourself
  2. Be passionate about what you do! People will notice and relate.
  3. Be Patient: good things take time, so does succeeding on social media. Be consistent with sharing amazing content.
  4. Be there for your audience: they take the time to like and comment on your posts. Do the same, engage with them.

As some of her tips are similar to what the others have said, if there’s one thing that Josiane Konaté definitely demonstrates alot is her passion for what she does. She loves fashion so much that she recently launched her own business Maison Petite Bold, a vibrant handcrafted ethnic goods that meets minimal art. To stay update on what she’s doing, be sure to take a look at her blog Petite and Bold and her Instagram @petiteandbold.


This is the first edition of many that I plan to do, be sure to keep in mind the following tips!

  1. Be consistent and engaging
  2. Have your own point of view
  3. Post great content
  4. Be Passionate
  5. Be Patient



How to Network Better – F.E.E.L. Keynote

When it comes to building up your business, you have to show up and meet people. Every week, there’s plenty of opportunities and events for you to develop your business, meet new people and discuss ideas. If you want to succeed, be ready to network. Networking is a great skill to have and it is also my best marketing, I am my own brand and I believe that no one can sell myself more than me, in person. Last week, I was invited to do a keynote speech at Mcgill University for their Networking and Communications class. I decided to talk about “How To Network Better”.


Most people are afraid at networking event and I understand why: the fear of rejection, the fear of being awkward, the fear of not being good enough and more. However, there are different ways to overcome the fear of networking.

First of all, you have to go to the right networking event, an event that you are most likely to find people with common interest as you. Then, show up early. Showing up early at a networking event makes the difference. When you show up early, there’s less people and it is less intimidating to network with other people. That being said, going to networking event and not network is a waste, you should go and aim to meet one person, that’s it!


“Your energy introduces you before you even speak”!
When networking, you energy plays a big role in how people see you, if they want to talk to you and most importantly if they want to stay in touch with you.
Here’s 3 personal tips to increase your energy and attract more people to you.

1- Smile, your smile is contagious.

2- Be passionate. When you talk with passion, people can feel it and they want to know more.

3- Your posture. Stand tall and keep your head up, not only you will be able to get more eye contact with people but they will notice you and come to you.


Networking is a game, you win some and you lose some. There’s nothing much to say here other than enjoy your time and seize the moment.


Studying in Human Relations at Concordia taught me a lot on interpersonal relationship and listening is the MOST important fundamental in interpersonal communications skills. Often, people listen in order to reply without fully gasping what is being said to them. Active listening will take you a long way.

Here’s 3 ways to improve your listening

1- Face the speaker and maintain eye contact

2- Don’t interrupt

3- Stay focused by giving all your attention to the speaker.
By doing all that, you will definitely step your networking game up and people will not only notice you more, but they’ll enjoy talking to you more!

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

What about you? What are your secrets to network better?

Special thanks to Cyusa for filming and editing this keynote.


Gary Vee Breaking Down The How To Start

One of my main inspiration for my grinding process is Gary Vaynerchuk. If you don’t know him, I suggest you look him up, he’s one of the biggest influencer when it comes to online marketing and he is a big advocate of hustling. This video is a mash-up of different keynotes and videos that he made to make you realize that you have to start doing. This is why I decided to start this blog, and that’s why I decided to start working on my vlog. This year will definitely a big year for me, I am working on making big moves and working on my personal brand. Looking forward to the adventures that life has for me, check out this video and hope that it motivates you to pursue whatever you want to do.

Grind Social Media

3 Ways To Get Instagram Insights

As a Digital Marketer for over 2 years now, I usually tend to focus my B2C marketing strategies on Facebook and Instagram. However, for marketing, Instagram remains my favorite platform and in order to be successful on it, you have to be able to measure your efforts. Here’s 3 tools that I would suggest to all of you to get more insights and get analytics on your Instagram.


This website is a website that I go on once a month to be sure that I am on track. With this website, I am able to see some of the analytics that matters the most for me such as the number of engagement per posts, the number of likes, the engagement per time I posted, etc. The most important feature of this website is that it tracks your engagement over time, my goal is to keep increasing my numbers over time and I use that website just to know if I am doing good.

A Business Profile on Instagram.Com

This is important for businesses. When you look into the insight of Instagram, you have access to see the number of impressions, reach, engagement, how many people clicked on your website. I look at it everyday and it keeps me on track in order to see the engagement rate per posts. It is really important for me to keep an engagement rate (number of engagement/number of reach) over 15% for my clients so that I know that the content that is being posted is good. In addition, my goal is to get conversion such as click on directions, clicks on the number (to either call or text) and to get followers that fit my target demographic.

This website is the one I use to spy on my competition. On that website, you get a report on your followers and your following. While focuses only on Instagram accounts that you can provide a password, on Social Blade you can add a user name on their database and they will give you the report on them as well. It is a great tool to see if you have a better growth than your competition, how active they are on their Instagram. Another option that I love about social blade, they give a projection according to your growth on the amount of followers you will get in 30 days, 3 months, 6 months and more from today and also if care more about your numbers, it will tell you how long it will take you to get to 5K followers, 10K followers and more. As I may know that there’s way more other platforms out there to help you with Instagram Insight, I just want to point that these tools are the one I use the most for my business. I’ll be curious to know more about the one you use for yours.